Hidden Gadgets and Features Brighten Windows 7 Curb Appeal

We’ve all been there; multitasking at our desktops, with window after window after window open. Internet Explorer, Word, iTunes – you name it!

“How can I get back to our desktop fast without having to manually minimize all those open programs,” you ask?

Problem solved. At the far right lower corner of your task bar sits an almost invisible button that minimizes all of your open programs and shows your desktop with one click. You may have never even noticed it was there, but once you’ve discovered it, you’ll be amazed how many times you end up using it.

Want to quickly copy something on your monitor without having to use the archaic “print screen” process? Windows 7 features a snipping tool that lets you quickly “cut” an image from your monitor and save it to your picture folder, all with just a few clicks.

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