myGuardianAngel Alerts Loved Ones Of Trouble

myGuardianAngel, available in the app store for just .99¢, lets you choose people from your phone book to set as emergency contacts in the event of trouble. The app will send the people on your list a text and email with your GPS location, and a link to a secure server with audio and video footage captured from the phone.

After launching the app, a red “Help” button is displayed. By pressing help, the app instantly notifies the people on your emergency list that there could be something wrong. The app automatically begins to record sound and video and uploads the recordings to a secure server, so destroying the phone won’t destroy the evidence. It also keeps tabs on your location so your friends and family can send help or come to your assistance in the event of an actual emergency.

Be sure to watch the video for more information about myGuardianAngel. If you have any questions about myGuardianAngel, send us an email at, or call us at 888-Compren.

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