Print From Your iDevice Without Changing Your Printer

Printing from your iPhone or iPad certainly isn’t a new concept. But a new app written by some clever programmers makes it possible, without the added expense of buying a printer equipped with Apple’s AirPrint.

Air Print Installer, authored by a member of the popular forum, is an app that installs on your computer and enables printing to your current USB printer. With a shared printer on the same network, printing from your iDevice is just a few taps away.
The easy-to-use app makes installation a snap, and using the program couldn’t be simpler. One stand out feature is the price – it’s completely free. However, because it is unendorsed, there is little to no support for the software, and an update to iOS could disable it.

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myGuardianAngel Alerts Loved Ones Of Trouble

myGuardianAngel, available in the app store for just .99¢, lets you choose people from your phone book to set as emergency contacts in the event of trouble. The app will send the people on your list a text and email with your GPS location, and a link to a secure server with audio and video footage captured from the phone.

After launching the app, a red “Help” button is displayed. By pressing help, the app instantly notifies the people on your emergency list that there could be something wrong. The app automatically begins to record sound and video and uploads the recordings to a secure server, so destroying the phone won’t destroy the evidence. It also keeps tabs on your location so your friends and family can send help or come to your assistance in the event of an actual emergency.

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Splashtop Update Turns Your iPad Into A Second Monitor

We introduced you to Splashtop a few months ago, a mobile app that gives you a connection to your PC or MAC when you’re away from home. But late last week, an update to Splashtop was released and we just had to tell you all about it!

The new update to Splashtop features a battery of improvements that makes the app easier to use, more secure, and even turns your iPad into a second monitor on your PC. The update optimizes the new iPad’s retina display to the fullest extent, creating a richer, cleaner user interface. It also enhances the reliability of the app over any network, wired or wireless.

The greatest part of the update is the addition of Splashtop XDisplay. This new feature lets you turn your iPad into an additional monitor for your PC. With full audio and video support, pinch-to-zoom capabilities, and support for Windows 7 Aero display, XDisplay is an update worth taking a look at.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop provides access to your PC or Mac when your away from home or the office.  With support for both iOS and Android based devices, the convenient app makes it a breeze to get to your computer when you’re on the go.  Read your email, watch a video on YouTube, or work on that Power Point presentation you’ve been putting off.  With Splashtop, it’s all possible.  The app is the only one of its kind that supports streaming audio and video, and at a fraction of the cost of some of the other remote access apps, Splashtop is a great value.

You can download the app from iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

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Air Video

Waiting for your plane just got a little less boring!

Air Video is an iOS app that lets your stream movies to your iPad or iPhone from your PC video library.  There’s no need to waste valuable storage space on your iDevice any longer; with Air Video, you have access to your entire collection of videos backed up on your PC.  And with Air Video, converting your videos to a compatible format is a thing of the past – the app does it all for you, in real time.  Seamlessly stream your favorite Hollywood blockbusters or your children’s birthday party videos, right to your iPhone or iPad.

Try the free version, or get the feature-packed full version for just $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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