Never Forget Your Passwords Again!

Ever forget the PIN number to your debit card? The password to an email account? Well, forgotten passwords are a thing of the past.

MSecure is a desktop and mobile password manager that securely stores your passwords, important dates, and other information you want to keep private. MSecure acts as a database to store information from a variety of categories in one easy to use program. Keep track of website passwords, credit card PINS, birthdays and anniversaries, and much more. A handy Dropbox feature lets you sync the data to all of your devices with one click.

MSecure is available for both Mac and PC and costs about $19.95. A mobile version is available for both iOS and Android enabled devices for just under $10. And for a very limited time, you can try the software on your home computer for 30 days before you decide if the software is right for you.

If you have any questions about MSecure, call us today at 888-COMPREN. Make sure to ask about our weekly specials on new and refurbished computers, as well as the computer repair services in your area.

Remember, at Compren, we don’t just sell computers. We create Solutions!

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